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About Us

BGORY GROUP stands as a premier provider of superior electrical and mechanical systems in construction. Our proficiency encompasses Controls, BMS, and Automation Solutions & Supplies, harnessing advanced tech for optimal building systems. In Lighting Solutions & Supplies, we pioneer innovative lighting across diverse applications. HVAC & Mechanical Industries Supplies excels in top-tier industry products. Complementing these, our Engineering Solutions division offers bespoke responses to intricate engineering hurdles. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer contentment resonates across every division we offer.

Our Story

With over two decades of industry expertise, BGORY Group emerges as a pivotal link between manufacturers and discerning clients seeking premium solutions. Our focus is delivering top-tier, technologically advanced products, ensuring market excellence. Committed staff provide efficient, cost-effective solutions, reflecting our dedication to customer satisfaction and timeliness.


Our mission is to empower clients with impactful solutions, combining top-tier products, unparalleled expertise, and excellent service. We strive to be the preferred partner, offering innovative, sustainable solutions for the dynamic construction sector. Through unwavering pursuit of excellence, collaboration, and industry leadership, we aim to elevate projects and create a positive influence on the built environment’s growth.


We aspire to redefine excellence and innovation, setting industry benchmarks by delivering innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions across our specialized divisions. Our dynamic organization thrives on pushing boundaries, staying ahead of industry trends and technology, shaping construction’s future, and driving sustainable growth with unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.


We uphold integrity with customers, employees, authorities, suppliers, neighbours, and the public. Our commitment to quality spans outcomes, products, and services, driven by technology. We progress by providing opportunities for greater contribution, fulfillment, and rewards within our dynamic environment.

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BGORY GROUP is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service in the construction industry, prioritizing accessibility, expertise, and tailored solutions.
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