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Our Garbage chute systems are a highly practical , simple and cost – effective solution for handling domestic garbage in low and high – rise buildings ; they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and are normally incorporated in the building construction phase , however , they can also be retrofitted in sophisticating the garbage disposal system of the building.

Garbage chute systems comply with pertinent accident prevention and hygiene code requirements, since these systems include cleaning , wash and disinfecting facilities.

Features :

Chute Material:

Economy – priced standard chute material is hot – dip galvanized steel. However, we also manufacture stainless steel , galvanized steel and aluminium chutes as well.

Technical specification:

Garbage chutes are available in the following diameters as standard: 450 mm ; 500 mm ; 550 mm ; 600 mm ; 700 mm ; 800 mm. Other diameters available are optional.

The hydraulic compactor HHV 400 and HHV 600 are for high volume automatic compacting into wheeled and unwheeled container of 1.1m3,2.5m3,3.5m3,4.5m3 and other capacity


The hydraulic compactor HHV 400 and 600 are automatic hydraulically operated circular ram compactor using the extrusion principle to shear, shred, crush and compact most types of garbage. Operating at pressure in excess of 250 bar, the machine is able to compact garbage down to 20% of its original volume.


Garbage which comes down thru a chute or is thrown into a bag, fills very loosely and fills it poorly. Cartoons, bottles and wrapping material is voluminous and bulky. By using this hydraulic compactor the volume is reduced to a fraction up to 20% of its original volume by a compaction force of 219kN.

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