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Bartholet is a leading and innovative company in the fields of ropeway systems. The Swiss manufacturer used its experience in mechanical and cable-hoist engineering and has expanded its know-how in the field of technical equipment for large area illumination. In-depth expertise in machine- and high masts construction has supported Bartholet in the development of the exceptional Bartholet HighLights product. The combination of precision of Swiss mechanical engineering together with flood lights from the leading lighting manufacturers is the perfect solution, wherever artificial light is needed on large areas.
Bartholet illumination systems convince users world- wide with their efficient lowering technology:
Highlights, the unique lowering system, allows all components installed on the high mast can be lowered efficiently and safely at the push of a button for maintenance work maintenance work at working height. This allows service work to be can be carried out directly on the ground. This means that the apron is not blocked apron, saves costs and also ensures the safety of employees.
The lowerable system from Bartholet can also be retro- fitted to existing poles. Furthermore, it is no climbing equipment and fixtures are required, which can be can be problematic, especially in sensitive security areas. Bartholet lowering systems can lift loads of up to 3,50 0 kg.

Four steps to success


The mast’s components, such as lights, cameras and antennas, must be regularly maintained to ensure that customer benefits are always guaranteed.


Only 1 person can safely and conveniently lower the complete carrier with all components at the push of a button.


Maintenance work on the luminaires, cameras and antennas is carried out directly from the ground. Afterwards, the carrier with all the devices is lifted again at the push of a button.


Within a very short time, the lighting and video surveillance system is fully available without affecting ground operations.
The HighLights is maintenance-free and insensi- tive to dirt. The system can be visually inspected during periodic maintenance of the equipped de- vices. The mast head is self-contained and thus protected from nesting birds.

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Extinguishing monitors must be inspected regularly, inspection and maintenance can be easily carried out on the ground by HighLights.

Most important key functions at a glance


The system includes a multi-stage centring device that ensures that the guide carriage automatically finds the correct position.

Latching Device

At the upper position the mobile floodlight carrier with all equipment is locked in place and becomes a firm part of the whole mast system.

Safety Break

In the unlikely event of a rope breakage, the mechanical catch brake immediately stops the fall of the guide carriage and thus prevents personal injury and damage to property.

Variable connectors

A selection of connector modules that cover a wide range of applications for power and data signal connections.

Closed Masthead

The mast head is self-contained and is thus protected against nesting birds.

Technical benefits


The user-friendly remote control makes it possible for one person to lower the carrier without the need for special Equipment

Multipurpose Carrier

The lowerable carrier can be equipped with luminaires, cameras, antennas, etc.

Power and data connection via plug contacts

Cables are not moved and therefore not damaged


Automatic Safety Brake

Closed Masthead

The mast head is self-contained and thus protected from nesting birds

Short Installation Time

Modular design enables quick and easy assembly


Mono- Rope Lift with guide rail system

Illumination Quality

Use of the latest LED technology

Technical benefits


Swiss Quality Product

Fields of Applications

Illumination and video surveillance

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