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Phenolic Panels comprise a fiber-free high-performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core faced on both sides with a composite foil facing.

Phenolic Panels are available in a standard thickness of 20mm and 30mm

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Duct Panel is a panel of high strength, taking the Phenolic foam as the core material and with Aluminium on both the sides. It has a fine finish, has a long life material, light weight and easily transported, manipulated and constructed. It is a non-combustible material, which has no smoke and innocuous while catching fire.

The Phenolic Pre Insulated Panel can be fabricated into all kinds of rectangular (bended) ducts by cutting and adhesive connecting and can be fabricated into the air ducts of all kinds of specifications and shapes by using the combustion resistant flange and adhesive.

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panel is used in the construction of ducting for air distribution in ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). It is widely used for the air conveyance systems of central air conditioning units in hotels, apartments, hospitals, office buildings and other deluxe high-rise building.

PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels can be installed either in the interior or on the exterior of a building, visible or with a false ceiling.

System Benefits :

  • Lightweight, Easy to fabricate and Install. 
  • Less Thermal conducting.
  • Possible to fabricate ducts in any sizes.
  •  Very High–compressive strength.
  • Possible to fabricate at site no space constrained. 
  • Space saving: flush-fitting installation possible
  • High rigidity/integrity.
  • Resistant to mold growth.
  • Environmentally friendly: CFCs and HCFCs –free (zero ODP and GWP <5.)
  • Clean air: fiber–free insulation core. 
  • Easy to clean and hygienic.
  • Core material is impermeable to moisture.
  •  High productivity in installation.
  • Low leakage: fully sealing systems conform to DW 144 Class C (high-pressure) air–leakage limit.
  • Low ‘λ’ value.
  • Energy savings: up to 20% annually.
  • Fast–track installation: rapid erection combined with single–fix installation.
  • No limits to duct sizes
  • Base material is impermeable to moisture
  • UL Listed as a Class 1 Air Duct to Standard for Safety UL 181 (Factory Made Air Ducts & Air Connectors

Whole Life Costs : Whole life costing takes account of the total cost of an item over its life, including durability, energy savings and maintenance as well as initial purchase price. The installation of PI Phenolic Duct System can save up to 21% on capital cost. Further more over a 30 years life it can also make a saving of over 20% on operating costs.

Weight : The exceptional strength to weight ratio of the PI Phenolic Ductwork of pre insulated duct work result in ductwork that is lightweight, easy to handle and install. Phenolic Pre Insulated panels can weight uo tp 85% less than insulated galvanized sheet steel ductwork. This result in easier installation and much lower handling costs because fewer people are required to install a ductwork section. Two individual can quickly and easily install substantially sized ductwork sections fabricated from the PI Phenolic Duct System of pre insulated ductwork.

Installation Cost : The installation cost of the PI Phenolic duct work is cheaper than that of Insulated sheet metal ductwork up to 19% cheaper for larger ducts. In most circumstances The PI Phenolic Ductwork can be supported threaded steel rods whereas Sheet ductwork and support spans, rolled steel angle or channel section.

Installation Speed: The PI Phenolic Duct System can be installed up to three times faster than sheet steel ductwork-not even taking into account the manual process of applying the insulation around the ductwork as a separate operation.

Product Data:

 PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels shall comprise a 65-70 kg/m3 nominal density CFC/HCFC free rigid Phenolic insulation core with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), adhesively bonded on both sides to a 80 micron low vapour permeability aluminium foil facing. PI Phenolic Pre Insulated Panels are available in the below mentioned thickness to suit different performance specification:

  • 20mm / 80/80 micron
  • 30mm / 80/80 micron
  • 3.9 Mtrs x 1.2 Mtrs
  • Available in 20mm/30mm thickness.
  • Facing on both sides 80 Microns Aluminium.


 Technical Specifications:

Specifications Value Standards
Density 65-70 Kg/m3 ASTM D1622:03/ BS EN 1602 : 1997
Thermal Conductivity 0.033 to 0.027 w/m.K ASTM C518:2004
Compressing Strength 300 Kpa – 350Kpa ASTM 165 : 2007
Combustibility Property Non Combustible Class “0” BS 476 Part 6&8
Water Absorption 0.25% ASTM c 209:1998
Maximum Smoke Density ≤15 ASTM E84/UL723
Dimension Stability 0.3% ASTM D 2126 D 2126 -09
Working Temperature (-200 C to 800C) to (-20 C to 800 C)
Dimension 3,900 X1,200X20mm

Heat Resistance : Phenolic Pre Insulated panels as suitable for use in peak temperature as high as 800C and continuous operating temperatures up to 700C

Environment Performance: Phenolic Pre Insulated panels are manufactured without the use of CFCs/HCFCs and have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Thermal Performance: The rigid Phenolic Pre Insulated panels have a very low thermal conductivity which increases over a period of time as the insulation ages.

Fire and Smoke Performance: Phenolic Pre Insulated panels have a resistance to burning and spread of flame far superior to that of any other cellular plastic insulation. In addition, there is an almost complete absence of smoke when subjected to a flame source.


Products Certifications

  • ISO 9001: 2015 
  • ISO 14001: 2015 
  • UL
  • DCL


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