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For over 100 years, SAUTER have been developing and manufacturing innovative products and solutions for building management and room automation throughout the entire life cycle of a building. We make your property energy efficient and thus sustainable. And we do this from the planning to the implementation and the use of the building.
Sauter four divisions meet your requirements with well thought-out products and comprehensive services. We are distinguished by our short decision-making processes and a direct exchange of information, from Development to the service technician.

The Souter Group


SAUTER Vision Center

Modular BACnet automation station and web server, modu680-AS

Building Data Integrity Manager, modu615BM

Room automation station, ecos504/505

Touch room operating unit, ecoUnit365

Room operating unit, ecoUnit355

Dynamic flow control system with 6-way ball valve, eValveco

Smart actuator

I/O module for smart actuators


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